10 characteristic traits of an incompetent man – 89.7% have been involved in 7th personality

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Personality determines destiny,” and of course, personality has good and bad types.

For a man, a superior personality is beneficial for their career as well as their life, while a bad personality can completely beat them at any time.

Despite the saying “A leopard can’t change its spots”, but for the non-positive personalities, no matter how difficult they are, as a brave man, he must also learn how to overcome it.

Specifically, it is difficult for a man with the following 10 personality types to get a great career or achieve any achievement throughout their life.

We believe that men – whether they are currently an employer or an employee, no one wants a poor, undeveloped career.

We hope this article can be of help to all readers.

So, let’s get started

10 characteristic traits of an incompetent man – 89.7% have been involved in 7th personality


1. The type of man who immediately shows his emotions

This type of man has a habit of objecting and negating others. If someone uses a tone of command to speak to them, they will immediately show a disapproving, dissatisfied attitude.

People often immediately protest, fearing they will lose, mainly because they lack confidence in themselves, wanting to use their resistance to cover up their internal weaknesses. Men like that can hardly do big things.

*Some will justify and say, “I am a straightforward person who doesn’t like to conceal my true thoughts and emotions. I want to live up to my true feelings.”

But unfortunately, we have to say this:
“Please don’t confuse the two different concepts, “frank ”and“ low EQ (emotional intelligence)”!


Let’s read the following story.

In a meeting, department director Mike made a business plan. Just finished listening, Steven immediately expressed disapproval, thinking that this plan is too heavy, not realistic. Worse, Steven stubbornly stood up to point out what he thinks the boss should need to fix immediately.

Henry – didn’t say anything, listened silently, and took notes in his notebook of essential things. Later that day, Henry asked to meet Mike privately and gave a sincere presentation.

“Sir, I’m sure you have worked hard to come up with this plan for the team. Personally, I greatly admire the efforts, time, and knowledge that you have put into it. I just think this plan will be much more reasonable and feasible if we take some considerations into some issues A, B, C…”

Who do you think will boss Mike listen to? Will he have good impression and be pleased with Steven or with Henry? We leave the answer for you


2. The type of man who depends on others

These men’s common characteristic is that they like to flatter, lack of responsibility, not brave or confident, just do things that benefit themselves. Their point of view is to use whatever tricks, just in order to gain money, desired positions.

Another form of reliance is because of mental weakness, which has been overprotected since childhood. When they reach adulthood, they always feel scared and hesitant, daring to make any important decisions independently. Always think of asking others to make decisions for them and to help them whenever they have problems.

Either way, this type of man is extremely irresponsible, unable to handle big things.


3. The type of man with a sensitive mind

Emotions are volatile, highly narcissistic, and sensitive; this is the type that makes others the most headache and alert when communicating because of fear of touching their frail heart.

One word of praise can make them happy all day, but a complaint can hurt them for days.

These people also find it very difficult to separate emotions in their personal and work life.

When stressed at work, they tend to take it out on family members. And vice versa, when there are unpleasant things in their personal life, their work performance also deteriorates seriously, and affects the working atmosphere.

Such people are easy to fall into loneliness. It is challenging for them to be alone to achieve anything because modern society is a collective society that is mutually supportive of each other. If not overcome soon, it won’t be easy to accomplish any significant achievements in life or work.


A real story that happened at Microsoft

At that time, billionaire Bill Gates had a very important project, had gone through many meetings, and pondered a long time. However, he still could not make the final decision to choose who to be in charge of the project determines the whole corporate’s survival.

A staff member that day asked for permission to talk privately with him, presented a detailed plan, pretty solid explanations, and expressed his confidence to do well on this project. Bill Gates was satisfied with his presentation but also feel questioned, so he asked again.

“But why, in the previous meetings, I felt you seem to be quiet and not interested in this project much?

That personnel answered
“At that time, I was arguing with my wife, so the mood was not very good. Now everything is fine, and I can focus on work.”

Bill Gate finished listening, thinking thoughtfully, “How can a person live with such a sensitive mind be able to hand over such an important project!!”

Bill Gate decided to choose another person.

The present reality shows that his decision was very rational and wise.


4. The type of man who always tries to be “clever.”

This type of man always tries to be “smarter” than others, likes to take the shortcut to gain short-term benefits, and thinks they are very talented when in fact, they are not.

Competent men are always very practical, serious, taking on all challenges. They soon understand a moral that the biggest shortcut is the hard work and seriousness in every detail only.

Thinking like that only benefits themselves in the short term and trumps the interests of others. In the long run, they will definitely lose more.

  • Loss of trust from others
  • Lose many promotion and business opportunities
  • Sooner or later, they ask for trouble on themselves

5. The type of man complaining all the time

This is not eye-catching, the other is not eye-pleasing, this is not reasonable, the other is also not good, assuming that everyone around is deliberately making it difficult for them, not bothering to see things from another perspective views. Another, best of all, all they do is just whining and complaining.

They do not realize that complaining does not change the current reality. Besides, it also brings negative feelings for themselves and those around them.

In fact, most people do not care much about the other’s complaints; they even feel bothered!

This kind of man who whines all day will never be able to succeed and be respected.

“If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude.”

Maya Angelou

6. The type of man who values too much of self-respect

Always bragging, showing off, wanting others to appreciate, while the actual ability is not so strong. This type of man loves to promote himself, even boast, but when they are exposed by others, they immediately feel criticized, extremely disappointed, difficult to accept failure.

Many people, because of the so-called “self-respect,” lose a lot of important things that belong to them: money, spouses, children, opportunities … They spend so much, but the returned results are zero.

When you really grow up, you will understand that, in some situations, you are forced to face it; you should not value self-respect too seriously.

Will this world care much about your self-respect? No, it only cares what you achieved and your true abilities.

So, if there is still nothing in hand, you should throw your self-respect in the “trash.”


7. The type of man who likes to enjoy pleasure rather than working

Everyone is the same, whether male or female, of course, should have a particular hobby to relieve stress, make their life more interesting, but too immersed in it, all day just playing, enjoying, and being lazy is not acceptable.

Men who do not know how to put their career and life above pleasures and trivial temptations will not be able to carry more significant responsibilities.

“Being easy on yourself means destroying your own future.”


People who do not have a rich family background need to make more effort than others. Whatever God didn’t grant, we have to find it ourselves; there’s no other way except to accept being a failure.

Now, if you are not trying to make yourself the life you want, in the future, you will have to spend a lot of time and energy fighting the life you don’t want.

Don’t wait until everything too late to change and then regretting. Do not live 10, 20 years later and then would say if I were like this or that.

Don’t be one of those.

*reading self-help book is fine, but there’s no need to read them too much. Instead of being engrossed in them and dreaming of “becoming a millionaire someday,” embarking on the action, sweat, tears, disciplined, persistent effort is the wisest choice.

“Some people die at 25 and aren't buried until 75”

Benjamin Franklin

8. The type of man is too stubborn and arrogant.

Everyone is a unique individual; protecting one’s own identity is a good thing, but it is just called stubbornness and arrogance if a man overprotects it.

A confident man will be able to look back at themselves from thoughts, words to actions. Meanwhile, the stubborn and arrogant men consider their egos first. They often put heavy emphasis on winning and losing, right or wrong with others, and are determined not to give in to anyone.

They will do whatever it takes to prove to others that they are better than everyone else. From there, it is easy to make wrong decisions due to being too aggressive, not thinking properly.


No one in this world is perfect. Everyone has their own flaws and shortcomings; wanting to hide it is a very usual mentality of each person, but too stubborn, gradually refusing to admit your faults, refusing to change will quickly cause you to slip down the slope on your own.

A man may be a talented person or just a very ordinary person. But no matter what, he should understand that “the more self-conscious a person is, the more successful he is; the more discreet, the more further he can go.”

Never brag, don’t be cocky. The more a person shows something, the easier it is to lose it. Even if you are a talent, you still need to continue learning and accumulate knowledge to prepare for all situations in your career.


In any circumstances, success or failure, unpretentiousness is indispensable. Life always has ups and downs. It is vital that even if you stumble or lose your way, never give up. Be brave and stand up by yourself and continue to fight to regain your career, your life.


9. The type of man who doesn't trust others

Such a man often has a common trait: he always thinks he is the center, does not trust anyone, and assumes the other person is wicked, unreliable.

Skepticism, refusing to trust anyone if placed in modern social relationships, will quickly cause them to lose friends and others’ trust.

In terms of career, it will make them become hesitant, indecisive, not trusting in assigning work to others. Eventually, this personality also makes psychological pressure and responsibility heavier on their shoulders, making it difficult to undertake important projects.


In our team, there is a young employee who shared his own story.

He got PTSD (Post Traumatic Stressed Disorder) after being cheated too many times and lost a lot of money. He always feels scared and does not dare to trust anyone around him, always has a doubtful attitude. This made his life and career very difficult.

After a long treatment and recovery effort, he has regained his faith and trusted others more. Currently, he is very happy with his life and work and is one of the best and most optimistic staff in our team


10. The type of man who is petty-minded

This type of man is less in compliance with ethics or etiquette; they usually do whatever they like to gain winning despite others’ feelings and interests. They are good at excusing, dishonest, greedy, two-sided, grumpy, and easily change-hearted.

A person with this character, no matter how outstanding, cannot and does not deserve the trust and sincerity of others.

People living in the world do not have to argue everything clearly.

Because if arguing with relatives, even if you win, the relationship will also be broken. Quarreling with lover, even if you win, will only make love fade away. Arguing with friends, even if you win, will also ruin their affection toward you.

Even if your opinion is correct, arguing will gradually lose both sides’ feelings for each other. In the end, the person who is hurt is yourself only.


Time will prove everything, ignoring your bigotry, just living happily, so your life will become even more warm, peaceful, and prosperous.

Final Thoughts

  • Although this article is quite long, but we believe you have received a lot of helpful value for yourself.
  • Being an adult man and being the backbone of the family is never easy. However, as long as having strong determination and willpower to strive, we believe you will have achievements soon.
Good luck to you!

* If you are doing business (or going to be in business) and need help, do not hesitate to inbox or find out more about our available services. Thank you



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