7 Effective Tips To Help Staff Increase Productivity That Any Local Business Owner Should Know

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As an owner of a small local business (nail salon, bakery shop, cake shop, pizza shop, bubble tea shop, restaurant, etc.) One of your most significant responsibilities is to inspire your staff to become the best version of themselves.

If you do this well, your staff will be more productive and happier with their work. In addition to their monthly income, they also feel more valuable, more respected, and more loyal to your business in the long-term.

One of the toughest challenges is balancing a leadership mindset: focusing on helping others while ensuring and growing business results.

There is no method or equation for absolute success, but there are many simple but consistently effective tips you can apply to ensure your staffs are always on the right track.

Come on, join us to discover what those 7 secrets are

7 Effective Tips To Help Staff Increase Productivity That Any Local Business Owner Should Know


Be yourself

First of all, you need to know your personality and true nature. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? and what is your animal personality

(*a person can be a combination of many animal personalities, but each person mostly has a “core” animal personality). For example:


Lion: strong, assertive, decisive, willing to accept challenges


Elephant: cautious, think slowly, and ask “why,” “how” questions before doing anything.


Dolphin: loving, kind to people, like to give and not asking for in return


Monkey: funny, energetic, friendly, live in the present.


If you try to act to become a version is not yourself, sooner or later, staff will feel it because they work with you every day.

So, do not try to be a stranger as it will make you lose trust in the eye of your staff. In short, DO NOT ACT.

You do not have to force or frame yourself into a specific style of leadership. 

Try to behave consistently with your beliefs and values because this is the best way to help you feel at ease, get more energy each day, and an effective way to send messages to all staff – be yourself!


Create a transparent business culture

In fact, many business owners feel extremely reluctant to admit they made a mistake for fear of losing face and authority with their staff.

You always have pressure and think you have to show control power and always act right. However, you will receive more respect if you are brave and openly admit when you do not know the answer or made a mistake.

This will help employees feel more secured and motivated. In the long term, it will inspire them to innovate and improve performance continuously.

So you should have the courage to learn how and when to admit when you’re wrong. 

Mistakes are not to shame; only a repeated mistake and don’t dare to admit them is shameful.


Connect more with each staff

Being mindful of events that have just happened in staff members ’ life or sharing can build stronger bonds between you and everyone in the business.

This engagement will give you the opportunity to understand the motivations that inspire your employees, the areas they love to do, and their work and life goals.

When an employee knows that their boss really cares about their success and life, they’ll be more motivated to work and feel an obligation to work hard for you.

Plus, if you pay more attention and consideration to your staff, they’ll be ready to give you constructive feedback to improve many business aspects.

  • Some parties on special occasions, particular holidays
  • Some incentives for their excellent performance
  • Give some gifts on their birthdays, wedding day
  • Have lunch together

These things are not too complicated or expensive, but the long-term effects are enormous.


Recognize effort and reward it well

Everyone likes to be commended, recognized, and honored for their efforts and contributions. If you ignore your employees’ efforts, they will become increasingly discouraged.

However, it is necessary to be fair and transparent in this. Otherwise, it will create “underground waves” of dissatisfaction, potentially causing harm to the business in the long run.

Although the boundary here is very fragile, you still have to put your energy into observing and recognizing the staff’s contributions accurately.

Recognizing someone’s efforts doesn’t have to be about naming them in the big business event. All you need to do is let them know that their productive efforts are being observed and recorded every day.


Update advanced technology

In many businesses, the staff is doing everyday tasks manually that should be automated. If you are also facing this situation, consider investing in machines in some stages instead of human power to improve workplace productivity efficiency.

Take a look at the tasks staff are doing, especially monotonous tasks that repeat themselves repeatedly. Taking the time to find solutions that can automate or speed up tasks will not only speed up the workflow, but also keep employees happy as they are productive.


Motivate people not to limit themselves

Although giving staff a certain degree of freedom in their work is essential, but as an owner, you always have to provide “guidelines” so that people do not go astray or exceed business policies.

At the same time, you also need to take the time to learn how to motivate them to overcome their limitations. Ask them these questions: “Is this the best way?”, “Will you be able to improve this problem even better?” to help them discover new potentialities and to be more productive.

You can learn and apply the Japanese “Kaizen” and “5S” principles, which are very effective for both yourself and any business model or size.

(Big companies such as Ford Motor, Toyota, and Nestle also adopted this method and have achieved great success)

Kaizen (改善) means “Improvement” includes 6 basic steps:

  1. Define the problem
  2. Collect information
  3. Analyze the fact
  4. Generate solution
  5. Implement
  6. Check and monitor

“5S” stands for 5 Japanese words starting with “S”:

  • Seiri (整理) Sort
  • Seiton (整頓) Set in Order
  • Seiso (清掃) Shine
  • Seiketsu (清潔) Standarize
  • Shitsuke(しつけ) Sustain

Hire the right people

There is a lot of controversy around whether to hire good people or the right people

According to our subjective point of view, the recruitment of a good staff member will indeed be very good for boosting the business activities and results

But on the other hand, you also need to recognize which factors are essential and which ones are inappropriate for your business. Because no matter what tactics you use, some certain people will never be suitable with specific jobs or policies

And no matter how competent the staff is, but if their personality does not match your corporate culture, you need to consider very carefully if you decide to hire them.

The knowledge and skill can gradually be improved while changing one’s inherent personality is not easy! The final decision is up to you. 

But you should remember, if still in doubt, you should not recruit; but if you have recruited, do not have doubt.

Final Thoughts

  • There are many other methods that you can learn more and apply for your own business and then choose the most suitable method.
  • Human resource management is never a simple matter. However, we believe that with your exploration and efforts, you will get worthy results.


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