9 Easiest Ways To Help Search Engines Crawl A Website

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One of SEO’s most important priorities is making it easy for search engines to crawl important website data.

Here we will introduce 9 simple but very effective methods to help search engines easily crawl your website.

9 Easiest Ways To Help Search Engines Crawl A Website


Keep website content always fresh and be updated regularly

No matter how often the Google algorithm changes, the “Content” factor will definitely be one of the most important search engines’ criteria in evaluating and ranking websites. Google has also officially admitted that they have a higher ranking priority on websites with relevant and constantly updated content.

One secret to greatly improving Google and other search engines’ crawl rate is that you should post new content at least “three times a week”. In case you cannot do this, you should also ensure the following 3 things:

  • 1 new article per week
  • The article must be of depth, quality and bring useful value to the reader
  • Post weekly, continuously, and stably

You should also periodically check and update the content of old articles to suit current trends. This is one of the simple and cost-effective methods to help you create content on a regular basis.

To make the content of the web page even more diverse and attractive, you can also add new videos, clips or visual summaries on the articles.


Improve page loading speed

If your website has a slow speed due to many reasons:

  • Poor quality hosting
  • The image is not well optimized
  • Install too many unnecessary plugins
  • Heavy theme, many redundant widgets
  • Many other reasons…

Those will make it difficult for search engines to crawl on the website to evaluate and rank. Besides, the crawling process of search engines on each website is only within a certain period of time. This leads to the search engine spending a lot of time accessing large media files and processing data inside, so it won’t have time to scrutinize other page elements and other pages. Fast page loading speed helps search engines crawl your website easier.

To speed up the page loading of your website, remember to optimize your images before uploading. Video files should be uploaded via intermediary platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, and embedded in the website only. Do not upload directly to the website because it will seriously affect the page loading speed and bandwidth, causing a bad user experience.
(Note: media files such as video and audio, if they are not well optimized, even you have embedded but may still slow down page loading speed, making it difficult for search engine tools to crawl)

Use a lightweight theme and design that meets your needs only, avoiding unnecessary plugins and widgets.

The number one important thing is that you must have an investment, choosing a good and quality hosting for your website. At Azmarketing4u, we believe in using WPX Hosting only for all of our customers to ensure the best speed and security.
(*If you need a hosting with cheaper price but still have relatively good quality, Scala Hosting is also a good choice)


Create and submit a sitemap

As a rule, every website will gradually be indexed, crawled, and ranked by search engines. However, if the website is not handled optimally by SEO standards, the crawling process is very slow, let alone achieve high rankings in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)

One tip is that you need to create a website sitemap and submit it to search engines to help bots index the website and crawl on it more efficiently and quickly. A sitemap will help categorize the web pages that need to be crawled with those that aren’t important. So pages with main content get crawled and indexed faster.

If you use WordPress, there are many plugins that support creating sitemaps completely free (for example, Yoast plugin). In case of difficulty creating a sitemap and submitting it, you should contact the hosting provider or website designer for assistance.
(*All of Azmarketing4u customer’s websites are well optimized right from the design stage. We also create a sitemap and submit it to the search engines from the very beginning, so there is no need to worry about this issue)


Avoid duplicate or irrelevant content

Superficial, general, and duplicated content is clear evidence that you haven’t made a good investment in creating useful content for readers. Search engines don’t like this at all, and when the duplicate content exceeds a certain level (either accidentally or intentionally), the search engines will drastically reduce the crawl rate. The worse scenario is that your website will be downed or disappear entirely on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)


Block unwanted pages through the Robots.txt file

If you have a large website with rich and varied content, there will be some content that you do not want search engines to index them (e.g., backend directories, certain files). Robots.txt file can now help prevent search engines from crawling those unwanted pages.

However, using a robots.txt file can be troublesome if you make a mistake. It can cause your website to be expelled from the search engine’s index. So always check your Robots.txt file carefully before uploading it.


Optimize image and video

Because search engine boot won’t be able to read images directly like humans, it explains why the images on your website are shown in search results only if they are well-optimized.

Whenever you use an image, make sure to use the “ALT tag” and provide a description for it for easy and fast indexing by search engines. Optimizing images for the website with tools like Adobe Photoshop, TinyPNG, Shortpixel… is extremely necessary when performing SEO steps on search engines.
(*We will soon have an in-depth article, specifically on this image optimization issue)

Similar to images, you also should do optimizing for videos before uploading. If you have trouble optimizing these factors or are not really necessary, we recommend you should use them to a minimum or avoid using them completely so as not to interfere with the information gathering of search engines.


Link important articles on the website

When you link related articles together, it is easier for search engines to crawl inside your website. They will be able to understand better what your website is talking about and if it is relevant for readers or not.

Be flexible, and don’t hesitate to link old articles with new ones, and vice versa. This will directly improve your search engine’s crawl rate and help your website get more visibility.

For example, after creating an article “10 ways to help search engines easily crawl the website, we will create related articles such as” A 15-minute detailed guide on how to optimize images, videos. SEO “or” 5 simple tips for choosing a quality hosting at the price that best suits your needs” and links them back to this article, and vice versa. Search engines are very fond of such connections. This also adds more useful value and convenience to the reader.


Build quality backlinks

High-quality backlinks will improve the crawl rate of search engines and speed up the indexing of your website. This is the most effective way to get your website to rank better and to attract more traffic. Therefore, building backlinks for a new site are extremely important.

Outbound link building is a reliable SEO method today. It would be best if you refrained from borrowing, stealing, or buying links. The best way to build this type of link is to regularly update creative content on community sites, fix broken link building errors and resource links.

And trust us, remember never try to cheat search engines with black hat techniques!


Encourage users to share on social networks

While there is no official information to confirm that social media sharing will affect search rankings, it certainly helps spread new content faster. This will make it possible for search engines to crawl and index those new contents quickly.

If your website uses WordPress, you can use social sharing plugins (free or paid) to make it easier to increase engagement, making it easier for readers to share your content.
(*Googlebot and Bingbot can access public information on social networks. Therefore, getting the right amount of content shares will help your website get crawled and indexed quickly)

Final Thoughts

We hope that through this article, you have better understood how search engines crawl the website to take appropriate adjust. Please look forward to our future articles.

In case you have need to use our service or still have questions, do not hesitate to inbox us with your preferred language (English, Japanese, Vietnamese)



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