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In the current era of 4.0 and harsh competition, many small local businesses still do not know how to promote their brand to the market. They truly need an effective tool where investment costs should be budget-aligned. 

A website is a tool that is considered to bring the most lasting and sustainable effect. Should a small local business really need a website? See the reasons below:


Increase Reliability & Professionalism

Business, whether big or small, also needs trust and peace of mind from customers. Your brand & image may not yet reach consumers. However, if they visit that website, they will partly appreciate you. 

Moreover, customers also want to know more information about the products or services that are distributed or provided by your business. To be able to make good impression and build trust with potential customers, you should have a good website for your own business.


Improve Competitiveness

Whenever the customer has a need to find any information about your product or service, their first action is to search for information on the Internet.

Bringing the brand & image of the business to customer is very important. A professional website not only helps to assert the brand name but also is a effective tool to attract more new customers & compete with competitors. If they have website but you still do not, you LOST the majority of online customers to them!



The cost of building a website is often much lower than other channels. Advertising channels on TV or social networks are only effective immediately & the cost is very high. Whereas the website brings long-term results & is less expensive. So if you want to have a long-term business, first use the website to implement other Online Marketing strategies (social media, SEO, etc)


Convenient Communication

Most of customers want their question answered quickly before making any decision. Thanks to website, it becomes easier & saves both parties more time. Whether potential customers decide to purchase or not will mostly depend on the detail information of product or service, promotional policies, warranty, etc. In addition, you are also able to answer their questions quickly and promptly.

Website makes it easy for customers to contact you (call, inbox, google map direction), explore social media pages of your business. Thereby increasing the effective conversion rate.


A responsively designed website will automatically adjust the layout flexibly according to the screen size. Since then, all operations on the mobile interface are very convenient and fast. 

Simply put, the website’s interface will be user-friendly on computers, mobile, and tablets. The user experience on the responsive website will be directly proportional to the benefits your business will gain.

Optimize User Experience

Users can take a look at your website wherever they want. A well-designed responsive website will be fast loading, convenient, responsive display to browsing conditions on all devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile, etc). Remember, don’t let them wait for you because they are always busy!

A responsive website will increase user experience, make good first impression. From there, it keeps customers on the site longer, and improve the conversion rate.


Increase Sale & Brand Awareness

A responsive website is the best way for users to find and access information quickly & effectively. This means more sales & better brand awareness for your business in long-term.

In addition, the cost of a responsive website is much cheaper & its interface is also more intuitive and customizable than before.


User Habit of Using Mobile

According to the results of many trusted survey, the vast majority of Americans (85% or more) now own a smartphone. Some people even use 2-3 phones at the same time to serve both personal life as well as work.

With a large number of people using mobile phones to access the internet, businesses really need to focus on mobile-friendly website. A website that is not mobile-friendly will require users to wait a long time for the page to finish loading, have to shrink or zoom in to read the content, etc. Users will realize this is a frustrating & potentially leave-of-site experience.

So having a well-designed mobile-friendly website that can help your users have great experience when they visit from mobile device is extremely important. The more convenient the visitor is, the more likely they will contact you, and the more likely you are to get more customers.


Google Love Responsive Website

Google officially claims that mobile-friendliness is one of important ranking factors for website rank now. Google also have priority for responsive display and google-friendly websites. So responsive websites will absolutely rank higher in search results. Of course, those that don’t have a mobile version will be underestimated and will experience a drop in google rankings!



Website security is one of the extremely arduous jobs of website administrators or website builders.

Website security helps you to avoid the trouble of being seen by hackers and taking away all the data you have spent so much time building


The Harm of Being Hacked

There are many assumptions that a small website will be less hacked because it has no name & less attention. But unfortunately, small websites with weak security holes are an indispensable target for hackers.

Having a website security error due to a few factors causes your website to have technical problems that can be very difficult to fix if the hacker has scanned and changed all of your data.

If you decide to choose a low-quality hosting provider just for the cheap price, the security system may be faulty, causing hackers or opponents to play badly, causing your site to be easily hacked. In most cases, the website is inserted with 18+ banners, gamble ads, bad links or links with sensitive images, etc. Undoubtedly, your brand will be seriously affected!

Hackers today are very powerful. On average, 1 website is devastated every 39 seconds (and nearly 50,000 websites are hacked every day without a good security and maintenance modes.


Why Is Your Website Being Hacked?

There are website security vulnerabilities that can be exploited that may cause your website to be hacked. These errors can be of objective technical errors or the fault of a certain kernel. Here is a list of the bugs that can be exploited:

Personal account information & password were leaked​

A lot of people let their website get hacked due to negligent errors like this. Passwords that are too simple are often easily detected after a few simple moves. The bad habit of logging into the account carelessly anywhere or keeping the password unchanged for a long time also increases the risk of losing an account.

The big risk comes from vulnerable shared hosting servers

Hosting is understood as a big house in which many  websites are divided into different rooms of the same house. When the server that hosts your site is attacked or another site on it is attacked, there is a high risk that all websites that are on the same hosting server will be attacked as well!

Other causes

There are many other different reasons why your website is hacked. For example, you may manually tweaking the web, installing something harmful which unfortunately contains some virus, malware), or leaking sensitive informations, etc


Google Hate Hacked Website

Hacked sites will be put on a blacklist by google with the message “This site may harm your computer“. When users click on, 98% of them will leave your website immediately to go to another website of your competitors!

Besides, when website is blacklisted, it will almost disappear from the Google display search result page. Your website lost 95% of organic traffic, seriously affecting brand and revenue.

Worse, even though you have to pay a large cost to clean up (or fix it yourself although it’s definitely not easy!) After recovery, it is quite difficult and takes a lot of time to recover a good rank as before.

In short “Hacked website means lost revenue and customers!


Should I Handle It Myself When My Website Is Hacked?

Fixing a hacked website on your own is a very difficult task for people without sufficient professional skills. You need to find yourself a professional.

Unfortunately, the cost to fix when the website is hacked is very expensive and takes a lot of time.

In some worst cases, the site database cannot be recovered! So this has a negative impact on long-term business.


Website loading speed greatly affects the user experience. That leads to the efficiency of the business. If your website is experiencing slow loading, improving it is more urgent than ever!

Let’s find out why the website needs fast speed

Make A Good First Impression

The user will base on website loading speed to make  immediate assessment of your business. If the website loads quickly, it will make a positive first impression. They will also be pleased and leave a good impression.

That is the common psychological logic. Users will rate fast loading speed as reliable and professional. We tend to associate speed with professionalism & good performance. They might think “If website loads quickly, it means this business must be trustworthy and reliable!

Customers expect and demand fast page loading speed. According to a recent survey said: The rate of users expecting website to load in less than 2 seconds is nearly 50%. More than half of users will leave the site if its loading speed is more than 5 seconds

On the other hand, a slow loading page feels insecure & unreliable. It will be very difficult task for your business to get rid of that first negative impression. Sadly, it means chance of potential customers coming back will be very low.

When customers are looking for something, they usually don’t have the patience. They always want a quick answer no matter what kind of device they are using (laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile phone)

If it was a popular site, they would be willing to wait a little longer. If using Google or Facebook, users can accept delays. Because these sites are familiar and have an invisible power to users.

However, for small local businesses and start-up brands, you won’t have that privilege. So the best thing is that your website must has the fastest possible speed from the start.


Increase User Experience

User experience & UX design (experience optimization) are now the first criteria. It is one of important key factors in how a website can really set the table apart from the competition.

A responsive UX design makes for a great experience and is simple for your visitors. There are two basic factors that create a positive user experience. The first is to give your visitors what they are looking for. The second is to deliver them quickly. That’s why website page load speed should be the number one priority when it comes to improving user experience.

Site visitors are looking for something and they always want to know all of that information delivered to them as quickly as possible. If customers feel confused or disappointed, it means your site is having negative problems. Trust us, nothing more frustrating than a slow-loading site!


Slow Speed Harms Conversion

As we listed, about 40% of users will skip websites if the page loads for longer than 5 seconds. You may imagine, for example, every month, your website has about 100,000 users. So you could even lose up to 40,000 leads just because your page loading speed is more than 5 seconds. This is a number that makes you think a lot!

If slow loading speeds are causing your potential customers to leave, then sales will drop too. Absolutely, this is not an unsubstantiated conclusion. 

Several companies of the largest size on the planet have already experienced this. Amazon has done a number of surveys. As a result, they will lose 1.6 billion dollars a year with just 1 second slowdown. Amazon is a very famous corporation but still cannot keep their customers if website loading speed is slow. So do you really think for a small local business like yours can keep customers?


Affect Google Rank & SEO

Google always values page loading speed. Google ranks loading speed among web page ranking criteria. This was officially published in 2010. Google emphasizes that beyond relevance and authority, the website loading speed is what every website builder should pay attention to.

Of course, it also has strong impact on your website rank on google result pages.



So, we hope we helped you now understand the importance of having a responsive website for your business.

If you still haven’t found a place to help you build a website that meets Google’s criteria, you can contact us. With prices that are right for small local businesses, we are confident to help you create a responsive website that best suits your needs.

You also will not need to worry about all the problems we posed in this sharing because we will take care of all related issues on the website in the package.

You should change your mind & implement new methods quickly before being left behind too far by competitors!


"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Albert Einstein


Bubble Tea Store


Desktop PC

Responsive display on Desktop



Responsive display on Laptop



Responsive display on Mobile



Responsive display on Tablet

Beauty School


Desktop PC

Responsive display on Desktop



Responsive display on Laptop



Responsive display on Mobile



Responsive display on Tablet

Nail Spa Salon


Desktop PC

Responsive display on Desktop



Responsive display on Laptop



Responsive display on Mobile



Responsive display on Tablet

(also available for many more other kinds of local business categories. Please contact us for more information)

"The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time."

Thomas Jefferson

You may make a quick calculation. Your current monthly business expense may range from $5,000 to $10,000 (rent, electricity, staff salary, facilities, etc.) In the meanwhile, the monthly marketing budget is about 0.7% ~ 1.5% ONLY

Besides, we believe any wise owner also acknowledges that marketing will gradually make you money in the long run. You invest some cash in the initial stages, and you are likely to see a good return on that investment in the future




Design Website

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  • Google-friendly
  • Integrate social pages
  • On-page optimization
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*The actual price may vary depending on the complexity of customer needs

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