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(Last updated: Aug 01, 2021)


We are a professional marketing agency that provides the solution for “Small Local Business In USA with low cost.”

Because we only focus on customers who are “small local businesses with modest marketing budget” so we have in-depth knowledge in this area and the most reasonable prices for customers.

Yes, in addition to professional knowledge, work ethic, and friendliness, our support team can communicate in 3 languages (English / 日本語 / Tiếng Việt)

You just need to inbox our messenger, and we will handle it soon. In case of urgent, please leave a message, we will call you back (*we support 7 days/weeks including weekends and holidays!)

Depending on the complexity of the request, we will typically solve it within 24h~48h. If we need more time, we will let you know

Of course, yes, there are 4 types of offers: [1] prepaid discount [2] referral discount [3] multiple business discount [4] seasonal discount. (*there is also a membership model with a lifetime discount when eligible)

Yes, in case you are not satisfied, we will refund the rest of the package. We always advocate transparency from the beginning and hope to have long-term cooperation, so before signing up, please ask all your questions to understand the service packages better.

Currently, we have only 3 options: 3 months, 6 months, 12 months.

We will remind you 3 times. The 1st time is 15 days before the expiration date; the 2nd time is right on the expiration date, and the 3rd time is 15 days after the expiration date. (*please note, after 3 times, if we cannot contact you or do not receive any feedback, we must close the account. We will not be responsible for future data loss risks)


This Combo package includes all benefits of Gold Hosting + Social Media + Local SEO package (*not including website design fee)

This is our most popular choice. 89.5% of our customers chose this COMBO package for cost savings and the most comprehensive support

Design Website

This is the type of website that has been optimized to be displayed compatibly on all devices (desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet)

To understand the importance of having a website for business, we recommend you read this: “Reasons why website is important for local business.”

Once we receive full info, it will take about 3~5 days to complete the demo. When you are really satisfied, we will optimize and publish the official version.

Sorry, we currently do not support this service.

It will depend on which hosting package you choose (learn more) (*or you should select the COMBO package (89.5% of our customers choose this COMBO package) (learn more)

To make the website active on the Internet. Besides the cost of website design, you need to choose one of our hosting packages (for domain costs, we will cover for you)

Domain (domain name) is the website address that people will type in the browser’s URL bar to access the website.

Hosting is where all the website’s files are stored, helping users access the Internet.

social media

We support 4 popular platforms: Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest

Sorry, we don’t have support for those platforms at the moment.

To understand the importance of having social media for business, we recommend you read this: “10 Reasons why social media is important for local business

We only support replying to all reviews on Google and Facebook (not including comments or messages).

This service does NOT include doing Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, or any other form of paid advertising (PPC).

It would be best if you chose the COMBO package to save costs and have the most comprehensive support (89.5% of our current customers are using this package) (learn more)


In short, it helps the business to rank well on Google in the local area. (See real result here)

To understand the importance of having local SEO for business, we recommend you read this: “7 Reasons why local SEO is important for any local business

We need to know more about your business category, location, and some other info to do extensive research before answering.

It usually takes about 3 months to get the desired results. Depending on keyword difficulty and level of competition in your business area, actual results and waiting times may vary.

We can only accommodate a LIMITED number of customers for each type of local business in each region. When the quantity is full, we would like to STOP receiving more to ensure the benefits for existing customers.

It would be best if you chose the COMBO package to save costs and have the most comprehensive support (89.5% of our current customers are using this package) (learn more)

brand identity

Brand identity is simply understood as all things represent your brand visually.

To understand the importance of having a brand identity for the business, we recommend you read this: “5 Reasons why brand identity is important for local business

Price includes logo design only. The number of initial sketches, 3D mockups, and original files will vary depending on your choice of service plan.

3D mockup is a way to present logo designs in a more realistic and creative way

A transparent logo is the version of the logo without any background color.


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