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(Last updated: Nov 01, 2020)


Our services include: Design Website, Social Media, Local SEO, Brand Identity, and COMBO (*for other request, please contact us)

Currently, our main customer is small local businesses in USA that have need of marketing to boost their business with low cost.

It's very simple, please inbox us via messenger (the icon at bottom right) or e-mail us ( We will feedback within 24 hours. Thank you.

Don't worry. Our staff can communicate with 3 different languages: English, 日本語, Tiếng Việt. Feel free to contact us with your preferred language!

Of course no, at first we need to listen and hope that you may tell us with more detail about your business's worries and troubles. Then, after discussion, we will give you the most suitable advice case-by-case. The final decision is completely up to you. No pushing, no scam, no hidden-fee, that's our consistent policy.

Yes, we have 4 kinds of offers [1] Prepaid, [2] Referral, [3] Loyalty, [4] Seasonal (all these discounts can be combined!). Please contact us for more detail

Sorry, our current plans have 3 options only: 3-month, 6-month or 1-year plan. (*we recommend you choose 6 months (or 1 year) plan to receive discount)

It depends on the complexity of the request. Generally, it will be solved and reported to you within 24~48 hours only.

Yes, you can. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. In case we couldn't fulfill the result as committed at the beginning, we will give you a refund.

Yes, you can. So sad to see you go, but we always respect the customer's decision. In that case, we will calculate the remaining value of your package and refund it to you.

We serve a variety of local businesses. We especially have the strength to provide services for nail, spa, barber, restaurant, bubble tea store, coffee shop, maintenance service, etc...We need to listen to your case first before giving proper consultation.

We accept payments via popular international payment cards such as Visa, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, and Paypal.

Yes, we will notify you three times (1st time: 15 days before the due day / 2nd time: on due day / 3rd time: 15 days after the due day) via email/messenger/call.

(*If we still didn't receive any feedback from you 3 times, we will contact you a few times again. 1 month after the due day, we are sorry, but we have no choice but to close your account temporarily (& after 2 months, your web data may be lost forever, so please keep in mind)

Design Website

A website not only helps small business promote brand awareness, service but also makes you look more reputable and trustworthy. In conclusion, it is nearly a must-have thing these days! Please click here to read all benefits.

Responsive web design (RWD) is a modern approach to web design that makes web pages render well on a variety of devices and window or screen sizes. Responsive layouts automatically adjust and adapt to any device screen size, whether it is a desktop, a laptop, a tablet, or a mobile phone!

No, Every website we design for customers is responsive web design with the most advanced technology. We also do thorough testing to make sure the customer's website complying with Mobile-friendly & Google-friendly standards. Of course, no extra fee, so don't worry!

Being Azmarketing4u's customer, you never need to worry about [1] scanning site for malware & virus, [2] removing malware & virus, or [3] bothering with expense of malware cleaning.  We will handle the rest at no any extra expense!

It depends on your hosting package. Please click here for more details.

That's one of the frequently asked questions. "Website design fee" is a one-time fee that you just need to pay when you sign-up. However, to keep the website available on the internet, you must still need domain & hosting. They work together to make a website possible. 

[1] Domain: address of your website that people type in browser's URL to visit your website. Without domain names, it will not be possible for people to find your website

[2] Hosting: where all the file of your website live. Without web hosting you cannot build a website.

Not needed, we provide hosting plans as well. As a bonus, you just need to pay for hosting ONLY, all domain fee will be completely covered by us (*as long as you keep using our hosting plans)

It is ok. When you want to stop our hosting plan and transfer your domain to another agency, please contact us and our staff will gladly support you.

Yes, our staff will happily consult which hosting plan is the most suitable for you and instruct you how to do transfer domain (no worry, it is very simple, and we will take care most of the process) (*A domain transfer may take up to 1~2 weeks to be completed)

At current, really sorry, we don't do e-commerce website (*we will add this service soon!)

A demo is usually available after 3~5 days. After your revisions, we will perform thorough optimization, testing, and publicize it on the Internet.

social media

During harsh competition these days, social media is an important marketing strategy even for small businesses. Using social media helps you build brand awareness, increase your customer base, and connect with current customers. Please click here to read all benefits.

Our package includes 4 biggest social networks: Google My Business (GMB), Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest (*Linkedin & Twitter aren't so effective for small local business, so we stop service for these social networks)

No worry, we will help you create Facebook Fanpage, Instagram Business & Pinterest accounts, and verify/claim your Google My Business account. It is a bonus when you sign-up Social Media package, so you won't need to pay any extra fee.

Yes, of course. After completing the cancel procedure, we will surely provide all your social network login info.

No, we will help you take care of all (design promotion, update the gallery, info upon request, review respond). Besides, every uploaded image will be carefully geotagged your business address and added keywords to optimize the result.

We regularly check & respond to reviews only. (*because if your customer comment or inbox to ask questions about your product/service or make reservation at a specific time, we have no idea how to give them proper answer)

Sorry, you can't delete negative spam or disrespectful review on your Facebook Fanpage, but you can report it if you believe that review doesn't adhere to Facebook's Community Standards.

We strongly doubt they can! Please understand that a negative review can be removed by two ways ONLY: [1] be deleted/edited by its reviewers. [2] You report it to Facebook and wait for their consideration, if they decide that is a fake review, they will remove it. Please should be wise and stay alert with "sweet promises" relating to removing bad review guarantee from anyone. That is our sincere advice.

It is the same as Facebook bad reviews, you can't delete negative spam or disrespectful review on your Google My Business, but you can report it if you believe that review doesn't adhere to Google's Policy.

At current, we don't provide service relating to Yelp.


It stands for Local Search Engine Optimization that is a strategic process that focuses on emphasizing the optimization efforts of local brick-and-mortar businesses. A secret tool to beat your competitors!

No, it is different

In short, it helps boost your brand awareness, trustworthiness, and online visibility on Google. So this will help to attract more potential customers for little cost. Please click here to read all benefits.

Local SEO usually takes 2~3 months to take effect. We will report to you when it reaches the committed result. (*we understand your anxiety for quick result. However, please understand, local SEO process takes much time, hard work, and effort to promote & keep good rank for your business)

You can choose to order this as single service. However we recommend you choose "COMBO" package so you will gain much benefits and cost-saving (89.5% of our customers chose this option)

brand identity

In short, a brand kit is a short, easily understandable guide to your unique brand's visual identity. It is a quick & simple reference to understanding the logo, color, font style, and slogan representing your brand.

"Brand identity kit ensures that all marketing and communication are accurate and on-brand". A brand must be recognizable in order to develop customer's loyalty and build trust, a brand identity kit is one of important foundational steps for sure. Please click here to read all benefits.

When your brand kit is created, a variety of materials can be designed in unity to represent the visual identity and "unique personality" of your brand. (business card, stationery, print materials, apparel, mug, website, etc.)

No, we will do revisions until it meet your requirements

The design in a transparent file (PNG) is a version without any background. It is easy to use on any surface

Vector/Source files are the original files (.ai or .eps) in which logos are designed by which you can edit/resize the logo to any desirable size without quality loss or pixelation

It's depending on the client's need but personally, We recommend choosing the Standard Package because in this package you will gain all of design files


This package includes Gold Hosting Plan, Social Media and Local SEO. To learn more all its benefits, please click here or inbox us

*It doesn't include the "Design Website" fee. In case you still have no website, you may use our Design Website service

Yes, this is our most popular choice. 89.5% of our customers chose this package for cost-saving and extensive cover


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