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No matter if you have a single location serving a local community or multiple locations across the state or country, local SEO is a very powerful & essential tool to boost sale


At first we need to know



Local SEO

It is a branch of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that focus on optimizing the business’s appearance on local search result pages. It makes sure the potential local signal across google’s local search algorithm consistently and correctly according to the important criteria N-A-P (Name-Address-Phone)

Simply put, local SEO will help add geographic information of the business to search engine listing, on-page optimization, backlinks to USA citation, and many other techniques that help boosting business rank on Google’s SERP (search engine result page). Obviously, it greatly helps your business more easily found based on customer’s current location

Old thinking way...

All existing devices (PC, laptop, tablet & mobile, etc) know exactly where their users are and give the search results that best match the closest distance when they perform a certain local search.

For example: they may search “beauty school in (zip code) / (city)”

Undoubtedly, this is crucial to every business. Local SEO is a very powerful tool, especially when your business is the physical store, not just the online store.

(*Therefore, businesses that only want to operate online, and do not have or just want to keep private-public local information will find it difficult to take advantage of local SEO’s benefits)


Surprising Facts

If you still think that traditional business methods are good enough, and you are really serious about your business long-term development, we make sure you will certainly RECONSIDER after knowing the following metrics.

US adults conduct search for local services or product on tablet or smartphone
Local-based searches on a mobile device end in purchase being made offline
Do local search in order to confirm a business existence before going there the 1st time
People searching for a local business will call or visit the business within one day


To the main part, we will explain more clearly why local SEO is a must-have for every local business


Attract More Potential Customers At Lower Cost

Local SEO is very useful because the audience it attracts is people close to your store. They are actively searching for your type of business (because they currently have demand of buying or using some products or services). Of course, this audience is more likely to become your real customer.

For example, someone is in need of having a haircut, they may go to google and do a local search “barber salon [zip code] / [city]” and your business (a hair salon) appears in the first search result page they see! Yes, you guessed it right. If your business performs well and reach high rank in relevant local searches, you are certainly attracting a lot of local potential customers who are ready to pay for your product or service.

Traditional forms of advertising such as newspaper columns, flyers, direct mail, radio / TV campaigns will be very expensive in terms of money, time, and manpower. Undoubtedly, if a business ranks sufficiently high in local ranking, you will save a ton of valuable money through paid-advertising or sponsored social media campaigns in the long term and stability.

*Imagine that a business depends entirely on Facebook ads. One day Facebook suddenly announced “Sorry, this page is available. The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed ”or“ Your ads account has recently been flagged because of unusual activity ”, etc. It will be your nightmare for sure!

Therefore, applying local SEO as soon as possible will be cost-effective and achieve higher ROI (Return on Investment) in the long-run compared to traditional advertising forms and paid-advertising forms to ensure show up in local search results.


Strongly Increase Online Visibility & Brand Awareness

“When you come into contact with an object/thing long enough and enough, you will remember it for a long time.”

Of course, the highest goal of a business is how to convert the potential customer into a buying a customer (and the longer-term goal is a regular customer). But making customers near the business aware of your business existence is also extremely crucial.

Whenever someone searches for your type of business in the area, and your business comes up on top, an interesting phenomenon occurs. Even if they did not choose your business at that time, they were still “unconsciously aware“. Your business has been saved in their subconscious mind. That customer may likely choose to buy your product or service in the future.

(*Helpful tip: increasing good review and having a full, good-manner reply is a good way to add business plus points in the potential customer eyes).

Do not be too afraid of the big corporations. As long as you do well in your business niche, persevere, and seriously with local SEO, good results will come to your business someday for sure.


More Leads & More Sales

Because the number of audiences you reach is people who are really in need of product or service related to your type of business. Therefore, the likelihood of them becoming buying customers is very high (For example, only those who want a haircut will search “barber salon”). Many reliable studies have confirmed that 91.5% of users will NOT scroll past 1st page of the search result.

“The best place to hide a “dead body”: The 2nd page of Google!” The implication is very simple. If your business is not on 1st page of Google, you business is almost “dead body”. As a result, you lose LOTS of potential customers

Don’t forget that local result doesn’t just provide business information (name, phone, reviews, gallery). It also has two great functions: “Call” and “Direction”. This allows customers to call you directly or easily get direction to your business, and many other useful functions (for example: access website, booking online – if you already have).


Huge Competitive Advantage Over Competitors

Unfortunately, many businesses still believe that traditional marketing methods are enough for their business to be successful (good location + good expertise + good customer service). That is not wrong, but it will not be enough with the era of technology 4.0 and the fierce competition like the current business market.

*There is a local business operating traditionally from 5 years ago. They have stable sales. Later, another business providing similar products & services was established nearby. In just the first 1 year or even shorter, the number of their customers greatly surpassed yours. Worse is your regular customers also tend to  sway their choice to that competitor. Do stories like this sound very familiar to you?

The proliferation of assistive technologies is what you want or not, still growing rapidly every day. The sooner you apply the technology, the better it will be for your business. When you are standing still, you are going backward. When you realize it, it might be too late. 

Although you have a better quality products or services, have the price advantage over your competitor, if you do not use local SEO and are not ranked among local searches, the opponent will happily replace you to do so (It is very bitter, isn’t it?)

Thankfully, many competitors are still likely not to acknowledge or adopt the powerful power of local SEO. If you get into local SEO before them, you gain a major competitive edge. Once you have made a mark in your customers’ length, they will still prefer to choose you.

Increase Trust & Reliability

Be honest! Are you when you need a certain product or service, you can only trust the business on the 1st page of the search result page, right? (Some people are even stricter. They only choose the top 5 ~ 7 businesses) Naturally you may think those businesses from the 2nd page onwards as probably doing something wrong, not popular or not trustworthy. You simply don’t have the patience and time (and yes, don’t want!) to learn more. Your customers also have the same thought!

And that’s what we want to emphasize here. Your customers think and act similar to you. Only when your business ranks well on 1st page of Google do people more likely trust you and are more willing to purchase.

This is also a good opportunity for you to show off the gallery, service, product, promotion, good reviews, etc. That way, your customers will be able to do an overview before deciding whether to visit the business directly or not.


Win-Win Collaboration Opportunities

Good Google rank in the area helps you not only keep an edge over competitors in the industry but also may open more unexpectedly great opportunities for collaboration or sponsorship.

For example, businesses that want to expand PR campaigns for their products or services will look for local businesses with good rank in the area to offer opportunities for collaboration. Of course they are willing to pay fair commissions for your help. 

They may even cross-promote their product & service to you. Both parties can take advantage of each other’s source of customers. From there, businesses can increase potential customers & brand awareness as well. 

No matter what collaboration is offered, it is clear that the opportunity will only come to businesses with good ranks in the region.

(*Of course this collaboration only works when both parties do not conflict with each other’s interest or audience)


Attract & Retain Possible Loyal Customers

Occasionally, some customers are visitors from far away, they just happen to come to this area and suddenly there is a need to use some product or service from your business. With local SEO, your business is reaching a good rank and attracting the attention of these customers right away.

Of course, you should serve well and give them a positive experience far beyond their expectation at first time they call or visit the business. Because they will likely remember you first and only prioritize using your product and service the next time they come to this area.

This results in a long-term business relationship. An initial sale can potentially convert into hundreds of them from just one person.

One more thing! Viral marketing is extremely important! Just imagine if that customer is satisfied and recommends your business to many acquaintances (relatives, friends, colleagues)? We believe you can guess the right answer!



We hope the reasons above have helped you understand the importance of local SEO for your business.

However, the process of implementing local SEO is inherently a relatively complicated task, takes a lot of time, effort, technical knowledge and many other factors.

Please focus energy on developing the intrinsic quality of the business and spend time with your loved ones. With the process of local SEO, let us help you with the most reasonable and effective cost.

"Success SEO is not about tricking Google. It's about PARTNERING with Google to provide the best search results for Google's users."

Phil Frost


(Last updated: 08/2021)

Bubble Tea Store

(Ding Tea Tampa – Tampa, FL 33604)

Beauty School

(California Beauty College – San Diego, CA 92115)

Nail Spa Salon

(Velvet Nail Bar – Oviedo FL 32765)


(Dorcas’s Dressmaking & Alteration – Tampa FL 33609)

(also available for many more other kinds of local business categories. Please contact us for more information)
* It usually takes 3 months to reach the expected result. The result may also vary depending on the competition in the area and other factors. To learn more, please read the "Disclaimer" section on our website's footer​

"The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time."

Thomas Jefferson

You may make a quick calculation. Your current monthly business expense may range from $5,000 to $10,000 (rent, electricity, staff salary, facilities, etc.) In the meanwhile, the monthly marketing budget is about 0.7% ~ 1.5% ONLY

Besides, we believe any wise owner also acknowledges that marketing will gradually make you money in the long run. You invest some cash in the initial stages, and you are likely to see a good return on that investment in the future




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