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You will understand why growing  your business on social media is a MUST if you really want to develop thriving business for long-term


Let's Get straight to the point


You may be shocked with the number of each social page users (in millions) (in USA only)

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Old thinking way...

Many small local business owners still hesitate and wonder if they should grow their own social media or not. They just want to keep the traditional business style:

Unfortunately, that formula doesn’t work anymore in current 4.0 era!

In Fact

Notably, more than 50% of small local businesses do not use any social media channel to promote their business (not to mention 25% more owners also have no intention of applying social media for their business in the future)

If owners ignore social media, it is a really regrettable waste. They do not take advantage of an efficient, fast, and inexpensive form of promotion to reach almost half of the world population.

Let’s take a look at some of great benefits of social media!


Increase Brand Awareness

With an extremely large number of users on social media platforms, your business can easily reach a large number of new and potential customers with relatively good conversion rate.

For example, on Instagram, nearly 80% of users will follow at least one business and the likelihood that they will choose to buy the product or service of that business is quite large.

Achieving original brand recognition has always been one of the most important marketing goals of any business. Social media will help businesses achieve this easily, efficiently, & inexpensively (superior to traditional media channels). Customers today have a lot of choices and they just want to buy products & service experience at brands they have recognized before only.


Build Customer Trust

The customer’s mentality is to always be vigilant. They always want to know about the business before paying to buy a product & service or before visiting that business. This is why social media is so important & indispensable for every business, big or small size. They help customers aware of them much more effectively, creating a good presence & first impression.

Customers also consult other people before making any purchase or visiting the store. They also tend to look for sentiments online through social media and testimonials as much as possible. Of course, when they see a well-thought-out social media investment business with lots of good reviews, they will trust and choose you.

Conversely, if customers cannot find any business information, there is a likely tendency to find another business with better, more reliable social media. They are not short of choice! They have lots of other options. You need them, but it doesn’t mean they will need you. Please always remember that!


Improve Individual Experience

Nowadays, customers are very rush &  impatient, they don’t like waiting long for a question or complaint!

When using social media, owners can interact and increase connections with online customers (such as reply review on Google or Facebook, reply Instagram Direct, Fanpage Messenger, Pinterest Inbox)

The advantage of small local businesses is that they can respond and handle customer comments & messages faster, and more thoughtfully (which large businesses must struggle a lot more)

As small local business owner, you can easily connect with each customer on social media. Existing customers and potential customers will always have more respect and favor with fast and punctual business respond.


Less Advertising Expense​

The economic situation is increasingly difficult and business competition has gotten more fierce than ever. Even the cost of advertising is also much more expensive than before (Native ads, Google ads, Facebook ads, etc). This means that the lead rate or conversion rate is also much more modest.

Social media is an effective advertising tool that is not too expensive. You can update followers for promotions, sales, new product or service, interesting and useful information in your industry. Even simply the images related to business. This helps you advertise to the existing customers. From there, also effectively advertise business performance to other potential customers indirectly. 

You may have heard this before: loyal customers are extremely effective brand ambassadors and cost you nothing at all!


Joint Marketing Efforts​

You can be completely flexible, open-minded to combine with many other businesses to gain mutual benefits under a  win-win relationship for both parties and optimize the value for your customers.

For example, a spa and a barber can be combined. Both parties can post on each other’s social media: customers can receive 20% of the coupon when using the service at the barber to use the service at the spa, and vice versa.

Thanks to cooperation, both businesses increase brand awareness and expand their customer range. Besides, it also attracts more potential customers and encourages them to buy the product or service of both.

(* Please keep in mind that team-up should only apply when both parties do not conflict with each other’s interests or audience)

Personalized Attention​

There is an interesting detail that is also the strength of small local businesses, that is: A survey has shown that more than 53% of customers like to shop and experience service in local businesses because they like the feeling of “personal service” & “get feeling more cared for”.

Personalized attention is not only limited to customers who experience directly at the physical business location. More than social media, they always feel respected & have a better impression (as a result, they are likely to return)

Big corporations with large scale will hardly have enough time or manpower to give personalized responses to each customer. Their disadvantage is your strong point! An owner can more easily handle and respond sincerely and conscientiously according to each situation of each customer. The direct connection between customers and brands helps small local businesses have a very special social media advantage.


Stay Ahead of Competitors

Each business will have very different business orientation and development. However, “He who sees through life and death will meet most success”. If you do not learn successful business secrets from other businesses and apply them flexibly to your business, it is a very big mistake. (Remember, don’t be a rigid clone!). For example, if your competitors have applied social media & interacted with customers through these platforms a long time ago, why haven’t you started yet?

Regular interaction on social media, not only helps maintain brand awareness but also increases visibility through search result pages (Google, Bing, etc), making it easier to reach potential customers.

With the traditional competitive forms as before, small local businesses have almost no chance to compete with big corporations with modest budgets. Today, the playing field is different, you still have your own advantages that customers desire (personal touch, personalized attention, consideration, authenticity, etc)


Valuable Communication Channel

In today’s very fiercely competitive environment, getting the attention of potential customers and convert them into “real customers” has never been an easy task at all. You will also be surprised by their “forgetfulness” and impatience. So you should create the most favorable conditions that allow them to contact you quickly (Of course, don’t forget to reply as soon as possible!)

Mailing address, phone call, email, contact form on the website is useful but customers need more than that. The advantage of real-time interactions on social media is the perfect answer. This enables businesses to engage with the client promptly. 

With the very specific characteristics of small local business, we focus on 4 biggest platforms: Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest only.


Build Brand Loyalty​

According to SBA estimate, more than 600,000 new businesses established each year in the US. So customers seem to be “overwhelmed” with the wave of advertising (it leads to the unfortunate consequence is that customers do not trust new brands and are much more wary than before).

Brand loyalty is a good solution to this dilemma. Effective social media helps to create & strengthen brand loyalty. Also increases the ability to convert better with less effort. Customers tend to follow, interact, and purchase with the brands they enjoy and trust. (A survey found that 53% of customers who follow your social media are more likely to loyal to your business specifically and stably)

The more interactions you have with customers (reply questions, comments, even complaints) the higher possibility to convert them to paying customers, the more sustainable brand loyalty will be.

* The cost of getting 1 new customer is approximately equal to the cost of keeping 3 old customers or more. Building brand loyalty always takes patience and serious investment over the long term. Please stay caution of the promises of easy & quick boosts!


Assist Link Building​

Social media can have an indirect impact on SEO. Simply, when social media is good, it will positively impact the business rank on Google. This helps Google algorithm understand and evaluate that your business is really trustworthy and popular to searchers.

Google will promote recommendations for searchers when they have demand for that kind of product or service. That means helping potential customers easier to discover & find your business more.



"We don't have a choice on whether we DO social media
The question is How Well We DO It."

Erik Qualman

Through above sharing, we’re sure that you understood the importance of social media.

Let our experienced team help you thrive you social media to maximize brand recognition and attract more potential customers

We sincerely look forward to hearing your “story” soon!

"The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time."

Thomas Jefferson

You may make a quick calculation. Your current monthly business expense may range from $5,000 to $10,000 (rent, electricity, staff salary, facilities, etc.) In the meanwhile, the monthly marketing budget is about 0.7% ~ 1.5% ONLY

Besides, we believe any wise owner also acknowledges that marketing will gradually make you money in the long run. You invest some cash in the initial stages, and you are likely to see a good return on that investment in the future




Social Media

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